Lisa Cantkier, Holistic Nutritionist & Founder, LisaCantkier.com

The alive Academy holistic nutrition courses that I completed have provided me with invaluable tools and information that I use on a regular basis, both personally and professionally.

Dena McNutt, Health Retailer; Sangsters Health Centres

"The registered certificate hanging in my store is very impressive. Your courses are well planned and your exams are well executed."

Susan Cantley, alive Academy student

"I have been on a self-healing journey and the course gave me insight to health concerns that I thought to be true, but no one could confirm. With the knowledge I have gained, I am able to turn my health around."

Davina Dowling, alive Academy student

"I found the online system of completing the lesson tests very effective; especially being able to get the results immediately. I will definitely take another course and have recommended alive Academy to many people."

Starlene Ulrich, alive Academy student

"Your Student Services Coordinators are a great support. The assistance and encouragement I received was very helpful and inspiring."

Gennette Weido, alive Academy student

"I loved that I could read a subject and almost immediately apply it to my everyday life."

Elly Vissers, Nutritional Consultant; Elements Nutritional Consulting

"The Nutritional Consulting diploma program gave me a lot of information about setting up a practice and also provided guidelines about how to deal with clients."

Susan Audet, alive Academy student

"I loved the Vegetarian Nutrition course immensely. I have been taking courses for three years and have not lost my passion or desire for them. In fact, I want to take more!"

Rene Beauchamp, alive Academy student

"I really loved the Herbal Consulting course. It has inspired me to research more on this subject."

Kate MacLaggan, alive Academy student

"I'm loving the whole Nutritional Consulting diploma program already! Why didn't I think of enrolling sooner?"

Lynette O'Brien, Certified Reflexologist; Sea My Soul Reflexology

"I am really happy that I checked out alive Academy before registering somewhere else. I found the Herbal Consulting course informative, well-organized, and easy to follow. As a Certified Reflexologist, I am eager to take more courses, particularly in the field of nutrition. Thank you so much."

Christen Harvey, Fitness Instructor/Personal Trainer; Peterborough Sport and Wellness Centre

"The courses have been wonderful! I used to work at a health food store where I first learned about alive Academy. Now I do personal training, fitness monitoring, and teach cycling classes at a Sport and Wellness Centre. I’ve recommended alive Academy to many people in each industry. Thank you."

Danielle Olsen, Stay-at-home Mom

“I absolutely loved the Natural Health Fundamentals course. The course's benefits were twofold. Not only did it answer the questions I had about natural health and nutrition, but I've taught my adolescent daughter about nutrition, too. She's a budding vegetarian who's also a picky eater. Now she understands how and why to incorporate certain foods into her diet. Thank you very much. The knowledge I've gained has positively impacted my health and my daughter's health.”

Sarah Hooff, alive Academy student

"Just that I wish I had chosen this path years ago. As a mother of 6 I sure could have put this knowledge to good use from the beginning, and in caring for myself as well. I would have had a little more confidence too. The Sports and Fitness course was great, it really helped me realize that health is pretty simple, don't need any magic pills or powder, just consistency and good choices. And everything about Calcium! I love that term "Bone bank." After everything I've learned so far I feel like a new woman and feel very grateful (and excited!) to have found alive Academy. Thank you for everything you have given me."

Zoltan P. Rona, MD

"There is no other organization or school in Canada that offers the high level of knowledge that alive Academy provides. I am most impressed by the quality of their reference literature and their commitment to delivering unbiased information. They continue to provide an essential service, one that cannot be satisfactorily met by the conventional education system. I highly recommend alive Academy to the general public as well as to all health care providers."

Caehlin McGraw, alive Academy Graduate

I have really enjoyed taking this program through such an upstanding organization as the Alive Academy, and I am very much looking forward to consistently putting forth my best efforts to help people with nutrition in any way that I can. I have certainly shared my great experiences through the Alive Academy with many people, and I will continue to do so.

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