Course Description

While food is a basic need, eating involves complex biochemical processes. Nutritional Sciences ties biology and chemistry, physics, economics, and sociology together in relation to health and wellness. In addition to exploring the nutrients of food and the metabolic processes of the body, current issues about nutrition are also covered.


Regardless of your background, this course provides a good understanding of the science behind food and nutrition.


Continue your Education

Members of the BCRPA are eligible to receive 20 BCRPA CECs (Continuing Education Credits) upon completion of this course.


Diploma Program Eligibility

This course is a co-requisite for the following diploma programs: Applied Nutrition Speciaizing in Sports & Fitness, Sports & Fitness Nutrition Certificate Program (CSNC) and Nutritional Consulting.

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Course Outline

A certificate will be awarded upon successful completion of the final exam.


1. The Science of Nutrition
2. Assessing Nutritional Status and Guidelines For Dietary Planning
3. Chemical And Biological Aspects Of Nutrition
4. Nutritional Physiology: Digestion, Absorption, Circulation and Excretion
5. Carbohydrates
6. Protein
7. Lipids

8. Energy Metabolism
9. Energy Balance and Body Weight Regulation
10. Water-Soluble Vitamins
11. Fat-Soluble Vitamins
12. Major Minerals
13. Trace Minerals
14. Life Cycle Nutrition



What's Included

• Course workbook (includes practice quizzes)

• Lesson tests

• Full access to the Online Learning Centre

• Nutrition: From Fundamentals to Food textbook by Michelle McGuire and Kathy A. Beerman

• Final exam

• Support and assistance while you study


Cost & Timing

Students have 24 weeks to complete the course; however, it can be completed sooner than the allotted time depending on the pace of the individual.

 Total Course Cost: $599.00 PLUS GST/HST (if applicable).



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