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April 23, 2015

Transfer Credits for courses taken with other Educational Institutions

Due to new regulations and the nature of the natural health industry course you are requesting a transfer credit in must have been completed within the previous five (5) years.  Students may be eligible to receive a transfer credit at the alive Academy for courses completed at other academic institutions, however a minimum of 75% of courses must be taken through alive Academy to qualify for our diploma. Transfer credits must be applied for before enrolling in the course - once enrolment has been completed in the course, transfer credits or refunds will not be issued for that particular course.

August 29, 2014

Self-Study Success Tips

Self-study steps to success:

Be realistic

First, be honest with yourself.

Are you a night-owl or an early riser?

Do you need background noise or complete silence?

Do you work best in short bursts or for several hours at a time?

 Once you have the answers to these first questions, you should be well equipped to think of a place and a time that will work for you to study. This could be at home, or at the library; alone, or with a study-buddy; several times a day or every Tuesday at 2 am! The beauty of self-study is that it is on your time and is completely flexible to you.


People often trip on the word “flexible.” This simply means that you can fit your studies around your life, not that you should study haphazardly whenever you have time. This is not conducive to proper learning and you may find you struggle if you try to study this way.

Make your own schedule to stick to. Take a look at how long you have to complete your studies and set out evenly spaced, attainable goals along the way.

You will notice that we have several Lesson Tests in each course, so that you can easily split your time and track your progress towards your final exam.

Tip: Put these goals somewhere that you see every day. Mark them on a calendar or on your phone, with reminders a week before each one so that you hold yourself accountable.

Set up a specific “study zone”

Choose a spot in your house where you can leave all your study equipment set-up and ready to use. The act of unpacking everything and then tidying it away again can make your studies feel like a chore. If you have your area set-up just as you like it, you should find it easier to settle in to your studies (and have less time to procrastinate!)

If you are going to be taking your studies with you, assign yourself a study bag. Fill it with your study materials, snacks, and a water bottle. That way, it is good to go whenever you are.

Be patient

Dealing with textbooks can feel overwhelming at first, especially if you’ve been out of the education game for a while. Don’t despair! Reading scientific texts is very different from reading for leisure. The lessons in the workbook break down the textbooks into bite-sized chunks, so that each lesson corresponds to a small manageable section.

Tip: Take your time to process the information. If you feel yourself skimming and losing focus, take a 10 minute break to recharge. You’ll be back in the swing of learning in no time.

Reward yourself

If you’re staying on schedule and doing great, reward yourself. Take some time just for you, to relax and do something that makes you feel good. You earned it!

Don’t forget to check in

Our Facebook page is always full of graduate announcements to keep you motivated, and our Facebook student group is a great resource where you can talk to other alive Academy students and share your tips and questions.

Tip: Even the simple act of logging in to your online learning centre on a regular basis will keep your studies at the top of your mind and has been proven to help distance-learning students succeed.

We’re here for you

Self study can feel lonely and isolated sometimes. Any time you have a question, or just want to chat about your progress, our Student Services team is here for you.

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