Herbs for Health

Herbs for Health is a comprehensive, 10 lesson, self-study course.  You will learn the principles and techniques of herbal healing along with the herbs, formulas and prescriptions for today's common health issues and concerns.

Course Outline

Herbs for Health is a 10 lesson self-study course that will help you close the medicine cabinet and open your mind to the amazing world of herbs and natural healing using these wonderful plants. You will learn about herbs and formulas that can increase the benefits of a healthy diet, nutritional supplementation and natural healing techniques. The text book presents clear information on the compatibility of herbs with conventional medication in the treatment of health issues.

Every herb and formula taught in this course are known to be safe when used as prescribed and has a long history of healing benefits. Herbs and formulas learned can be used to treat over 150 specific conditions. 24 weeks are permitted to complete the course  

Lesson 1: Introduction and Principles of Herbal Healing
Lesson 2: The Herbs:  A to D
Lesson 3: The Herbs:  E to L
Lesson 4: The Herbs:  M to R
Lesson 5: The Herbs:  S to Y
Lesson 6: The Formulas
Lesson 7: Prescriptions for Common Health Problems: A to D
Lesson 8: Prescriptions for Common Health Problems:  E to K
Lesson 9: Prescriptions for Common Health Problems:  L to Y
Lesson 10: Techniques of Herbal Healing


Total program cost:

$479.00 plus gst/hst (if applicable)
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This course includes:

• Course notebook (includes lesson notes, feature articles from alive magazine, and practice quizzes)

• Lesson tests

• Full access to the Online Learning Centre

• Final exam

• support and assistance while you study

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