Anatomy & Physiology

  • A 24-lesson, certificate course about anatomy and physiology
  • This course is a co-requisite for the following diploma program: Nutritional Consulting

Course Outline

A certificate will be awarded upon successful completion of the final exam. Students have 24 weeks to complete the course; however, it can be completed sooner than the allotted time depending on the pace of the individual.

Lesson 1: Organization of the Human Body
Lesson 2: Introductory Chemistry
Lesson 3: Cells
Lesson 4: Tissues
Lesson 5: Integumentary System
Lesson 6: The Skeletal System
Lesson 7: Joints
Lesson 8: The Muscular System
Lesson 9: Nervous Tissue
Lesson 10: The Central Nervous System
Lesson 11: The Autonomic Nervous System
Lesson 12: Somatic Senses
Lesson 13: The Endocrine System
Lesson 14: The Cardiovascular System: Blood
Lesson 15: The Cardiovascular System: Heart
Lesson 16: The Cardiovascular System: Blood Vessels & Circulation
Lesson 17: The Lymphatic System
Lesson 18: The Respiratory System
Lesson 19: The Digestive System
Lesson 20: Nutrition and Metabolism
Lesson 21: Urinary System
Lesson 22: Fluid, Electrolyte, and Acid-Base Balance
Lesson 23: The Reproductive System
Lesson 24: Development and Inheritance


Total program cost:

$599.00 plus gst/hst (if applicable)
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This course includes:

• Lesson tests

• Full access to the Online Learning Centre

 "Introduction to the Human Body" textbook by Gerard J. Tortora and Bryan H. Derrickson

• Final exam

• Support and assistance while you study


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